5 Emerging Radiology Technologies

In 1895, Wilhelm Rontgen’s accidental discovery of the X-ray marked a significant turning point in the field of radiology. Now, nearly 130 years later, the industry has evolved in remarkable ways, thanks to cutting-edge technology and innovation. As we celebrate National Radiology Technologist Week this year, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the five new advancements that are reshaping and improving radiology.  Artificial Intelligence  … Continue reading 5 Emerging Radiology Technologies

Dr. ChatGPT is in the Office

Recently, a mom was able to use ChatGPT to correctly diagnose her four-year-old son after 17 doctors could not figure out the source of his chronic pain. The designers of ChatGPT did not design the technology to provide diagnoses, but at times, the AI can provide accurate ones, proving its potential to assist healthcare professionals.  In the case of Courtney, the mother, and her son, … Continue reading Dr. ChatGPT is in the Office

AHEC’s Top 35 Classes

For over three decades, Advanced Health Education Center has been a leading provider of continuing education, dedicated to shaping the future of healthcare through top-tier education. From its inception to the present day, AHEC has consistently offered a diverse range of classes that have empowered countless individuals to excel in their respective healthcare fields. We have continued to deliver quality classes that have not only … Continue reading AHEC’s Top 35 Classes

It’s Been AHEC of 35 Years

In 1988, two technologists who believed continuing education was a cornerstone for radiologic technologists decided to create Advanced Health Education Center. Dissatisfied by the lack of education provided to RT’s and the slow bureaucratic approval process for new educational programs, Marilyn Sackett, MEd, RT(R), FASRT and Brenda Arnett, RT(R) wanted to create a company that can provide career enhancement and new education opportunities to RT’s.   … Continue reading It’s Been AHEC of 35 Years

The Amazing World of Animal Radiology

Usually, when we get patients for a scan, our patients are humans, but there’s a whole world of adorable patients that occasionally require their moment under the spotlight – animals! The process of preparing these furry, feathery, or scaly friends for a scan is an intriguing blend of science and creativity.   If you’re a veterinarian or have a pet that has undergone an x-ray before, … Continue reading The Amazing World of Animal Radiology

What Does the Future of Bone Health Look Like? 

Every night at dinner every member of my family is required to have a glass of milk.  This not only happens in my current family life but always happened in the family I grew up in as well.  I grew up learning that you had to have milk to make and keep your bones strong.    From infancy babies are given milk.  Milk is the first … Continue reading What Does the Future of Bone Health Look Like? 

4 Ways to Promote Radiation Safety

Radiation plays a crucial role in diagnostic imaging, enabling healthcare professionals to obtain valuable information about the human body. Unfortunately, radiation can have various negative effects on people, such as cancer, tissue and organ damage, radiation burns, and genetic effects. Due to the risks involved with radiation, it’s essential to prioritize radiation safety to minimize potential risks for both patients and imaging staff. Here are … Continue reading 4 Ways to Promote Radiation Safety