TMB requirement for Human Trafficking Prevention CE: AHEC course approved and available!

In February 2021, AHEC published a blog about the new Human Trafficking Prevention CE requirement effective 09/1/2020. Following the dissemination of this information, AHEC received numerous calls from Rad Techs inquiring about this new CE requirement.  Based on the volume of calls AHEC received over the last several months, it was apparent that TMB’s communications with Texas RTs wasn’t effective enough in reaching or explaining the new requirement.  

AHEC is happy to announce our course has been approved by Texas Health and Human Services for our 1.5-hour course. We have been working diligently to create a class that not only meets the HHSC requirements but is also easily accessible, as well as affordable. It is now available via Live Webinar and is approved by TX HHSC as well as AHRA from Category A credit.  Our on demand homestudy is awaiting approval from AHRA!

AHEC’s CEO asked our marketing group to investigate with a survey to our Texas RT customers. Our survey respondents indicated 35.5% renewed in February, leaving a majority of 64.5% due to renew in August 2021. The next question asked if the respondent was aware of the new CE requirement and the response was almost evenly distributed:, 54.8% were aware of the requirement and 45.2% were not. Once we identified the respondents that renewed their TMB license in February 2021, we asked if they were required to submit proof of completion of a HHSC approved Human Trafficking Prevention CE course: and 88.5% responded no, while 11.5% said yes.  

We also wanted to know how people heard about this new requirement:; 34% stated they were not aware of the requirement, 18% said they read the information on TMB website, 13% said they were notified via AHEC Newsletter/Emails. The remaining 35% indicated they found out from their Employer/Co-worker/Supervisor.  

In February, AHEC reported the TMB website did not mention this new requirement, but has since updated their website to provide more details. However, it is still unclear if the requirement is being enforced.  As stated above, 88.5% of our respondents who renewed in February were not required to provide proof of completion.  

AHEC customers who have already completed the required course, but are not able to count the hour for their ARRT CE, will be able to take AHEC’s course for free. We appreciate our loyal customers for their continued patronage, and this offer is a way to say thank you!  For anyone who has yet to take the 1-hour required course, we will have specials offers available for you as well

The infographic below will provide the Who, What, When and How details! 


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