AHEC Educator Newsletter – August 2020 Edition


Radiology e-Newsletter – August 2020

Diagnostic Imaging & Artificial Intelligence – A Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

With the prolific advancements in social media and technology, our world seems to get smaller and smaller every day. No other event in history can illustrate that point more than the global COVID-19 pandemic. As healthcare professionals we have witnessed first-hand the devastating losses caused by this pandemic but there have also been positive aspects born out of necessity that bear mentioning.  Read More

The Realities of Healthcare Staffing During COVID-19 

Five months ago, on March 2nd, 2020 I had started my new job with MEDRelief Staffing. I was prepared to help build the new travel healthcare division and increase our client base.  That same day, our largest local client called and wanted to know what our safety protocols were for dealing with our exposure to the new disaster-COVID-19. We responded with our disaster protocols. Read More

Industry News

Hospital giant launches at-home COVID care program that includes radiology services

Nonviolent de-escalation strategies in emergency medicine

As Covid-19 surges, researchers amass lung scans to build AI systems for patient care

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