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Celebrating Women’s Achievements: A Salute to RT(R)(M)

This month we have been paying tribute to women who make a difference. There is no greater impact in women’s health than the radiologic technologists who specialize in mammography. From the list of more than 200 different types of cancers identified, breast cancer is diagnosed with the greatest frequency (excluding skin cancer). The soldiers and pioneers on the battle ground against breast cancer are the mammographers. Vital to the patient’s well-being, your patient’s diagnosis depends on your talent and skills.  

Beginning in 1991, Advanced Health Education Center started training classes to teach clinical skills for mammography procedures. Over 31 years, we have campaigned for stricter regulations governing mammographer’s qualifications, coupled with additional coursework to improve skills and make training geographically available.  

We have sponsored training for mammography trainers to “get us all on the same page” and provided support to facilities who wanted to improve or refresh positioning skills. We added specialized training for mammographers providing breast ultrasound skills to their practice.  

We recruited experts who could share their knowledge and recorded the “pearls of wisdom” they have gathered over the years. During the COVID pandemic the AHEC programs did not stop and were available online and in a variety of convenient formats. 

There is abundant pressure in mammography departments today from increasing patient loads and extending schedules to cope with patient volumes. Recent research has demonstrated significant patient disparity in access to care from multiple factors. The people who are front line in coping with the many issues are the mammographers. We say “hats off” to their dedication, empathy, and patient care. We will continue to support you in all the formats required to foster your growth and skill set.  

Early detection is crucial to the health and safety of all women. Critical preventative care begins with regular mammograms. The skill set of the mammographer is primary to a correct diagnosis. We want to recognize the role of the mammographer who provides the best care possible to all patients they serve. This is a big “thank you” from AHEC for providing care through the pandemic and continuing to serve your patients. 

Our dedication to the industry would not be possible without our incredible team of women mammographers and radiologists who continuously provide stellar instruction as faculty and consultants: 

Cristi Freiley, RT(R)(M) – Mammography Initial Training Instructor
Tonya Taylor, RT(R)(M) – Mammography Initial Training Instructor
Marilu Kameliski, BS, RT(R) (M)(BS) – Faculty
Michelle Keck, BSRT, RT(R)(M)(BS) – Faculty and Consultant
Peggy Hoosier, M.Ed., RT(R)(M) – COO, Faculty, and Consultant
Beatriz Adrada, M.D. – Faculty
Tanya Moseley, M.D. – Faculty
Toma Omofoye, M.D. – Faculty
Tina Suominen, RT(R)(CT)(QM) – Faculty
Pamela Fulmer, BA, RT(R)(M)(QM) – Consultant 

We also have an amazing mammography support group at Advanced Health Education Center who work behind the scenes to ensure quality training, up-to-date information, and have unwavering appreciation of our hardworking mammographers: 

Marilyn Sackett, MEd, RT(R), FASRT – President and General Manager
Jence Cantu, MHA, RT(R) – CEO
Kelli Reddix, MBA, BAAS, LVN – Senior VP
Rebecca Montz, Ed.D., RT(CT)(N), CNMT, PET, NMTCB (RS) – VP of Educational Services
Larry Carney – Director of Business Operations
Nanette Joiner – Mammography Credentialing Coordinator
Kevin Cawood – Program Moderator
Cecilia Nguyen-Do – Marketing Coordinator
Kay Kegley – Production Manager 

If you are interested in becoming a Mammographer, AHEC offers a 40 Hour Initial Training program in a variety of formats. For more information, visit our website. 


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