Perks of Traveling 2.0

The pandemic has increased the need for travel personnel in response to increased hospitalization and a decrease in the workforce. Even as COVID-19 seems to be winding down, travel contracts for healthcare facilities around the world continue to prevail, and many travel contracts are extending early in the contract.

Being a traveler is a different experience than being a permanent facility staff member. Depending on where you are in life right now, traveling could be extremely beneficial and rewarding for you. What are the benefits and perks of being a traveler compared to holding a permanent staff position? Is traveling right for you?

Flexibility and Control Over Schedule

Travel contracts offer more control compared to permanent positions. You’ll be able to choose where you want to go, and you do have some freedom over your schedule. While you can’t control your schedule during the contract, you can choose when to start a new contract, and you can take breaks in between your contracts without having to get permission.

Most travel contracts are 13 weeks, which gives people the ability to control their schedule and travel itinerary. You have the flexibility to choose where you live next. Many use this as an opportunity to find where they want to live full time while exploring different environments.

Travel Contracts Have Higher Pay

One of the top benefits of accepting a travel assignment is the compensation. Many turn to travel due to the higher pay package compared to working as a permanent staff. While it is true that travel contracts pay nearly 3 times a permanent position, the contract does not include insurance, PTO, and other benefits a permanent employee would have. Michael Leffew, Lead of Business Development at MEDRelief, advises healthcare professionals to “understand the pay package and tax liabilities [and] thoroughly review the terms of the agreement” when looking at a new travel contract.

New Environments and Experiences

Of course, one of the perks of being a traveler is the traveling. During the contract, you are able to experience a new city or state, meet new people, and learn new skills. Due to the changing nature of the job and facility differences, you’ll be able to gain new insights and techniques. The travel contract allows you to meet and learn from new colleagues, and you get to explore a new city in your free time. While you may find yourself feeling a little homesick and missing your loved ones, the contract allows you to go home when it’s finished.

Switching to Travel

You might be at a spot in your life where travel contracts are appealing. However, you should not make the jump without checking where you might land first. If you’re looking to switch to travel, here is some advice from Billie Hawkins, Travel Nursing Healthcare Recruiter at MEDRelief.

  1. Be certain that this is what you want.
  2. If you know dates that you will need off during the contract, be certain to state that prior to signing contract.
  3. Understand that there is NOT a guarantee that the contract will extend.
  4. There may be time gaps between your contracts. The next contract may not be at the conclusion of your assignment.
  5. Be open to new states, new experiences.
  6. Take everything in consideration before commitment.
  7. Don’t try to renegotiate the contract after you have agreed to the terms.

MEDRelief is Dedicated to You

Whether you want travel contracts or a permanent staffing position, MEDRelief Staffing recruiters can help you find your perfect job! Our recruiters are committed to finding you the best job for all your needs. Jence Cantu, MEDRelief and AHEC’s CEO, states, “We appreciate the dedication of our recruiters, staffing consultants, credentialing and business services staff, along with our clinical employees who continue to work to meet gold star standards, which we believe result in higher quality patient care.  We are very proud of the MEDRelief Staffing Team’s success!”

If you’re searching for a job, visit our website and send us your resume so we can connect you to your perfect job. You can also check out our hot jobs and follow us on social media to get all the latest updates!


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