Open Letter on the COVID19 Pandemic… What We Are Doing to Help

Marilyn Sackett, MEd, RT(R), FASRT
Advanced Health Education Center
MEDRelief Staffing
Houston, TX

These are unprecedented times and we are changing our protocols daily. We have been doing what is most important: supporting and helping healthcare providers wherever and whenever possible. Our team is working long hours to meet the extraordinary needs in our local communities.

MEDRelief Staffing has a long history of excellent service in times of crisis and it was no surprise when local healthcare officials turned to us to provide healthcare professionals for front line delivery of coronavirus testing in many different situations.  We are helping health care professionals who have been furloughed due to the closing of their work departments and we have been searching for people who are willing to provide care in this environment.  We have been extra careful of our team during the onboarding of these new employees and have restricted access to our work areas. We have a small supply of N95 masks to cover the fit testing we must do to place personnel.

What else could we do? This week, we made our online educational products available at a greatly reduced price. We continue to perform private tutorials for our physicians who need ultrasound training for specialized emergency clinical procedures. We are continuing our communications through social media, our websites, and our blogs. Our phone lines are open to answer questions and provide information as we know it. We have moved our onsite clinical partnership classes online and remote faculty can provide instruction.

We continue to monitor via social media the current problems with lack of PPE’s and clinical situations resulting from delivery of radiologic and emergency services in this environment. We can provide a pipeline of information that we glean from others just like us.

We are working every day to do everything in our power to lessen the impact of this extraordinary event.  Helping others has been a focus of our company for 32 years and that is more true today than ever before.


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