AHEC’s Top 35 Classes

For over three decades, Advanced Health Education Center has been a leading provider of continuing education, dedicated to shaping the future of healthcare through top-tier education. From its inception to the present day, AHEC has consistently offered a diverse range of classes that have empowered countless individuals to excel in their respective healthcare fields. We have continued to deliver quality classes that have not only met the evolving demands of the healthcare industry but have also set new standards for excellence. 

As we celebrate 35 years of AHEC’s commitment to education, let’s delve into 35 of the finest classes that AHEC has offered over its journey. From foundational courses that set strong learning trajectories to specialized workshops that delve into the nuances of intricate medical disciplines, each class is a testament to the collective pursuit of enhancing healthcare standards. 

*These courses are not offered all the time. In order to keep our information relevant and updated, AHEC removes courses regularly. To see our current listings, please visit store.aheconline.com 


  1. Human Trafficking Prevention for Healthcare Professionals (1.5 credits): Taught by the experienced and passionate Damon Jackson, this class meets the requirements set by the TMB for all health professionals. Damon Jackson has over 20 years of experience teaching and over 15 years of experience in law enforcement, which helps provide all students with the necessary skills and knowledge to identify and assist human trafficking victims. The course is available as a webinar every month and a homestudy for those who like to finish the course at their own pace.  

Initial Trainings/Prep and Exam Review

  1. Mammography Initial Training (40 credits): Our Mammography Initial Training course is only offered 4 times a year, and students can choose to register for the live webinar or the in-person class. Our Option 2 class is very popular as it facilitates a clinical site for the students, and seats fill up quickly. With Cristi Baker BSRS, RT(R)(M) as the instructor, the class is full of information and prepares students for their clinical training.  
  1. CT Prep and Exam Review (16 credits): For rad techs hoping to cross-train into CT, this course is a must have. Not only does it satisfy the requirements of 16 hours of structured education which must be met in order to sit for the ARRT Post-Primary Certification Examinations, but it also provides participants with a comprehensive overview of CT. Learn under expert CT technologists and ask them questions to prepare for the registry.  
  1. MRI Prep and Exam Review (16 credits): For those planning on sitting for the MRI exam and need the required structured education as well as a good review, this class is the one for you! The course meets all the required structured education set by the ARRT, and participants will have an expert MRI technologist helping them review and answer any questions they have for the exam. 


  1. OBGYN Ultrasound (24 AMA PRA Category 1™): With only 6 seats available each class, this three-day course fills up quickly! Since the classroom size is small, all of the students are able to get enough hands-on practice with live volunteer models, making this one of our most popular ultrasound courses. Taught by Debbie Robertson, BS, RDMS, the course is designed for physicians, nurses, midwives, sonographers, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and radiology personnel. 
  1. Private Ultrasound Tutorial (8 AMA PRA Category 1™): For students who wish to have a one-on-one session with our expert faculty, the private ultrasound tutorials are the way to go! Students will still have a hands-on scanning lab with live models, and they can pick from a variety of topics such as abdominal, primary care, renal, breast, emergency medicine, OB/GYN, cardiac, vascular ultrasound and more! 

Mini Conferences

  1. Annual Spring Mammography Mini Conference (5 credits): Every year, AHEC gathers a selection of mammography experts to present our Annual Spring Mammography Mini Conference. The topics vary from year to year, which makes it a class favorite.  
  1. Annual Radiology and Reindeer Mini Conference (6 credits): Every winter, rad techs join us for a rad day of new presentations and topics. Every year, we have new experts presenting on a variety of topics, which makes this class heavily anticipated. You can be sure that every class is new and interesting.  
  1. Annual Birthday Mini Conference (6 credits): Every year, to celebrate our birthday, we have a mini conference with new and captivating presentations from industry experts. The topics are a surprise until closer to the date, but you can be sure you’ll expand your horizons and elevate your skills each time. 
  1. Annual Mammography and Mistletoe Mini Conference (5 credits): Join us for our last mammography mini conference of the year! Our expert faculty present on new topics each year, so you’re in for a treat each time. Students always enjoy this course every winter. 


  1. Breast Imaging at the Cell Level (2 credits): Another webinar taught faculty expert Mark Struthers, BBA, BSRT, CMRT, this webinar covers the latest advancements in breast imaging, including molecular breast imaging and conventional PET imaging.  
  1. Considerations and Special Patients in Mammography (3 credits): Sandra Maxey , AAS, RT(R)(M) goes over the significance of the BRCA 1 and 2 genes, allowing students to understand high-risk individuals and discover groundbreaking treatment options that can save lives before cancer even develops. Elevate your skills and gain invaluable knowledge about unique treatment variations in this webinar. 
  1. Imaging and Staging Breast Cancer (3 credits): Led by the renowned Dr. Gary J. Whitman, this course dives deep into the pivotal question: “Does Every Breast Cancer Patient Need MRI?” Gain invaluable insights into MRI applications for breast cancer, explore fascinating case studies, and stay up to date with the latest advancements in diagnosing high-risk lesions. Elevate your mammography skills and uncover cutting-edge techniques to effectively image high-risk lesions, all under the expert guidance of Dr. Whitman. 
  1. Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (8 credits): As a live in-person class and a webinar, many mammographers join this class in order to learn more about 3D mammographer. Cristi Baker BSRS, RT(R)(M), covers topics such as the contrast between 2D imaging and 3D imaging, connectivity information, site readiness and reimbursement, and more. This course also satisfies the MQSA requirement of 8.0 hours of training in a new mammographic modality. 
  1. Digital Mammography and Clinical Applications (8 credits): Also a live in-person class and a webinar, this class is designed to help you meet the challenges of digital mammography. Join the class and gain valuable information about digital mammography quality control and understand what those QC numbers really mean in the automated world of quality control. 
  1. Pearls of Wisdom in Mammography 2.0 (8 credits): Join 5 expert faculty members on this captivating webinar! Topics include MRI guided breast biopsy, axillary ultrasound for nodal staging, male breast cancer detection and treatment, and more. This is a favorite for our mammography students. 
  1. Trending Topics of Interest in Mammography (2 credits): This course, taught by Sandra Maxey , AAS, RT(R)(M), dives deep into the most relevant and captivating subjects within the field, equipping you with practical skills and invaluable insights. Topics include triple negative breast cancer and breast cancer in young women. This is a great course to increase your knowledge and improve your skills. 
  1. MQSA Prep and the BRCA Stories (4 credits): Led by the dynamic duo of Cristi Baker and Tina Suominen, this course is designed to equip you with the practical skills and knowledge needed to ace your MQSA inspections and dive into the fascinating world of BRCA stories. You’ll learn about MQSA inspections, hear captivating stories about the discovery of BRCA, and go through real-life case studies. 


  1. Introduction to CT (8 credits): For rad techs interested in advancing their career, the Introduction to CT webinar is the class for you! Designed for bother experienced CT technologists and rad techs interested in CT imaging, the class taught by Deborah Scroggins , MSRS, RT(R)(CT)(CV)(M), will cover topics such as patient care, assessment, and IV procedures.  
  1. Foundation for Great CT Scanning (2 credits): Our expert faculty member, Deb Scroggins, MSRS, RT(R)(CT)(CV)(M), will guide you through a comprehensive exploration of cross sectional abdominal, chest, and head anatomy and pathology. Throughout the course, you’ll gain practical knowledge and skills that you can immediately apply to your work as a rad tech. We’ll start by reviewing the essential physics concepts that underlie CT scanning, including back projection and image reconstruction, helical CT and pitch, and beam hardening and dual-energy CT.  


  1. Neuroimaging of the Psychopathic Brain (3 credits): With a deep dive into psychopathy, sociopathy, and antisocial personality disorder, the class, which is taught by Cindra Daniels , MS, RT(R), is a customer favorite due to the fascinating world of neuroanatomy. Students will not only learn about the distinct brain structures that psychopaths have, but they will also learn about Alzheimer’s imaging and new treatments available. 
  1. The Technologists Toolbox 2.0 (8 credits): Designed for technologists, this course has 5 experts teaching a variety of topics such as super agers, super bugs, social media, sport medicine, trending topics in radiology and much more. Participants will receive 8 CEs at the end of this course as well as a plethora of new knowledge.  
  1. OverExposed: A Biologic Look at Radiation (3 credits): Taught by Cybil Nielsen , MBA, CNMT, FSNMMI-TS, this webinar delves into the history of radiobiology and the impact of radiation incidents. Through real life case studies, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the consequences of high radiation doses. Cybil also goes over radiation types and measurements, making this course a must-have for many.  
  1. Dissecting Forensic Radiology (3 credits): One of our very popular classes, Dissecting Forensic Radiology gives rad techs a glimpse of what goes into forensic imaging. Nancy Adams, BSRS, RT(R), will go over the challenges of imaging forensic remains, mass disasters, and other types of forensic investigations. You’ll be able to gain practical skills and knowledge that will help you stand out in your career. 
  1. Exploring Spinal Trauma (3 credits): Interested in the anatomy and physiology of the spin? This webinar, taught by Carolyn Johnson, M.S.Ed,RT(R), will examine common injuries and fractures of the spine, and how to accurately diagnose them. You will able to examine case studies of traumatic fractures and degenerative diseases, which provides a comprehensive overview of the complex world of spinal trauma. 
  1. Chest and Skeletal Pathology (3 credits): Led by experienced instructor Wilbur Reddinger Jr., MSRS, RT(R)(CT)(MR)(MRSO)(MRSC™), this 3-hour course covers topic such as chest and thoracic pathology, anatomical review of skeletal pathology, and case studies. In just a few hours, you’ll gain an understanding of chest and skeletal pathology, as well as the critical thinking skills necessary to identify unusual findings.  
  1. Law and Order: Best Practices for the RT (2 credits): Tiffani Walker, MSRS, RT(R) goes over digital imaging concepts with the principles of ethics and professional conduct in this webinar. Many students enjoy this class as it provides you with the skills to navigate the challenging landscape of healthcare regulations. Don’t miss your opportunity to enhance your skills and raise your ethical awareness. 
  1. Protecting our Pediatric Population (3 credits): Led by experienced instructors Jence Garza and Lois Lehman, this course is your key to acquiring the practical skills and knowledge necessary to safeguard the well-being of our vulnerable pediatric patients. Learn about child abuse imaging protocols, legal issues for the radiographer, and much more.  
  1. Trauma Do`s and Don`ts (2 credits): Expand your knowledge with this webinar that focuses on emergency medicine and the role of radiologic technologists play in delivering accurate and efficient diagnoses. Mark Struthers, BBA, BSRT, CMRT, covers a diverse range of topics that includes triage protocols, skeletal trauma analysis, examination of skull and facial bones, assessment of chest and abdominal trauma, as well as the specialized considerations for pediatric and geriatric trauma patients. 
  1. Digital Radiography and Fluoroscopic Radiation Safety for the Certified Radiologic Technologist (8 credits): Join faculty expert Michael Zetina, RT(R)(CT), for an exciting and engaging 8-hour day that covers both new CE requirements in digital radiography and radiation safety for the clinical uses of fluoroscopy. This course is designed to meet the California Department of Public Health Radiologic Health Branch 2013 CE licensure renewal rules for the Certified Radiologic Technologists (CRTs). 
  1. Radiology: To Infinity and Beyond (8 credits): Led by the renowned Greg Yardley, MSRS, RT(R), CBDT, this comprehensive 8-hour journey will take you on a cosmic exploration of the latest advancements in imaging technology and equip you with the essential skills to skyrocket your career. Learn about marketing and networking in the industry, new medical imaging technologists used in human research, and more! 
  1. Professionalism: I am not a Technician! (8 credits): A fan favorite, this webinar offers invaluable insights that will elevate your professional trajectory. Taught by Jence Garza, MHA, RT(R), this class covers professionalism on social media, resumes, and artificial intelligence. 
  1. The Power of You: Developing Tomorrow’s Technologist (8 credits): Taught by Rebecca Montz Ed.D., RT(CT)(N), CNMT, PET, NMTCB (RS), this webinar will take your technologist skills to new heights. Learn about contrast imaging and techniques, molecular breast imaging, theranostics, and empathy. 
  1. Imaging Adventures Around the World (5 credits): Tiffani Walker MSRS, RT(R), walks students through global radiology and introduces them to RAD-AID, a non-profit organization. After exploring the world, you’ll learn about forensic radiology as well. This is a favorite of many students! 
  1. A Look Inside Forensic Radiology (4 credits): Led by renowned expert Dr. Kelli Welch Haynes, this course is a must for radiologic technologists seeking to expand their knowledge and practical skills. Kelli delves into the history of forensic radiology, the pathophysiology of death and dying, and the Body Farm. For rad techs interested in forensic radiology, this is a must-attend! 


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