Have You Read Our Blog?

Have You Read Our Blog? AHEC Provides Important Information!

AHEC provides current information to our readers about many topics such as advancement in your career, updates in industry trends, changing protocols, and regulatory information. We have responded to new information and aim to inform our readers of the many changes we find happening in healthcare.  Our blog started midyear in 2013, and in the 9 years  since, our content has increased 162% by 2022. Now that we have rung in the new year, it is time to review our statistics and evaluate our work. Our 2022 new content increased by 9.3% over 2021. Obviously, we had something to blog about!

AHEC’s blog is viewed around the globe with more than 165 countries joining our readers. The top category for viewership outside the United States is Canada. Next in line is India, United Kingdom, Australia, and the Philippines. Rounding out the top 10 countries are China, Brazil, Germany, and Ireland. Radiographers, nurses, and physicians from around the world have joined AHEC in speaking about common concerns. The year 2020 was a year of uncertainty and was a record year for those joining AHEC to discuss the major issues for the pandemic. This year, our visits increased 4.6% and our visitors increased 7.4%. This shows how much we are reaching the healthcare community with relevant and timely information. Our most popular reading day is Wednesday in the late afternoon.

It’s easy to read the current blog, but did you know we have archives? You may view any previous blog that looks appealing and we have many popular blogs that continue to reach our audience for multiple years. Two of the most popular archival articles this year were: “Radiology Staffing Shortages Nation Wide?” and “What Not To Wear in Healthcare”.

If you are not a regular visitor to our blog, I’d like to extend a personal invitation. If you have a desire to contribute, be sure to call 800-239-1361 and we will greet your worthy ideas with delight!  We are proud of our extended reach and strive to provide relevant imaging content to everyone in our global audience.


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