2023 AHEC’s Mammography Opinion Questionnaire 

Advanced Health Education Center frequently does opinion surveys to understand the trends in the profession and how professionals are responding to the state of the industry.  Generally, these surveys are used by our curriculum committee to design the continuing education coursework that can meet the practice demands experienced by our profession.  

One done recently focused on mammography and the state of the industry. It provided data that could be compared to a similar survey done in September 2021.  Results have changed and the premise of this survey has produced two new scholarships for radiologic technologists to participate in sponsored mammography initial training. We appreciate those that chose to respond, and we will use those responses to generate additional funds for future training scholarships. If you are not on our mailing list or if you get our emails, please participate in future surveys to provide feedback. 

Survey question 1 – Do you have mammography openings at your facility, or do you have knowledge of unfulfilled openings at other facilities in your area?  

Question 2 – Do you believe that new technologists do not want to train in mammography?

Question 3 – If your answer to #2 was yes, what do you think are the reasons techs do not want to enter the field of mammography? (Select all that apply)

Some comments include:

  • Workload compared to other modalities
  • Feel weird touching breasts
  • The stigma of working primarily with breasts
  • Have to work long hours and pull call
  • High stress level of patients
  • Exams are scheduled every 10mins no care in mammograms
  • They know that the patient load is heavy, every 15 minutes, and they don’t want to work that hard
  • Mammo isn’t fairly compensated
  • Inspectors/ rule changes/ no warnings/ violations only
  • On site training is no longer an option, they don’t want to spend more time in school
  • They’re sold on CT while still in school
  • Working conditions pushing mammography patients through every 15 minutes
  • It is hard to get the required hands-on training in order to sit for Boards or it is very expensive
  • The facilities are not helping with they to get the number to get the exams for the test
  • The productivity demands are unrealistic
  • The volume of patients we are required to do
  • Too stressful because of shortened exam time slots

Question 4Is entry into the field of mammography by training according to MQSA guidelines too difficult?

Question 5 – Has the COVID-19 pandemic caused any mammography coworkers to retire or stop working?

Question 6 – Do you think healthcare facilities using an electronic application process through a human resource department makes recruitment and getting employment more difficult?

Question 7 – Do you have a mammography training program available locally?

Question 8- What is your age range?

These facts show some of the issues in the shortage of mammography technologists and the lack of initial training programs. We will be sending a new survey to target some other data needed to finish the outlooks and trends for mammography training. Please help by looking for the new survey this month and returning your survey. Thank you for your assistance.


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