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Have you read our blog? AHEC’s online blog is great for healthcare professionals who want to advance their careers, stay updated with new industry trends, or keep up with the ever-changing protocols in imaging. For instance, when human trafficking prevention became a requirement, many healthcare personnel learned about the change due to our article. Since its creation in 2013, the AHEC blog has consistently published content relevant to those in the industry.

AHEC prides itself on advocating for imaging professionals, but we have evolved our content beyond protocols and license requirements to subjects like mental health, job search tips, and other topics that can aid healthcare professionals.

Since 2013, the AHEC blog has reached 165 countries and about 70,000 different visitors. Most of our visitors are from the United States, Canada, India, the UK, and Australia, but we also have readers from the Philippines, Mexico, Croatia, and Fiji to name a few. Our posts have achieved almost 100,000 views in total, and we have published over 200 articles. We are proud of our extended reach and strive to provide relevant imaging content to everyone in our global audience. Some of our most popular blog posts are:

  1. Radiology Staffing Shortages Nation Wide?
  2. What Not to Wear in Healthcare…
  3. The Raddest Women in Radiology

Whether you are an imaging professional, a nurse, a physician, or even just someone trying to advance their career, our content is for you! With industry experts behind the blog, you can be assured that the content is accurate and relevant.

We love to get different perspectives from new voices! If you would like to contribute and become an AHEC Author, please contact our marketing coordinator at You can submit any article ideas or publish your own content. We are always on the lookout for informative content for our followers, and we’re also interested in learning about the differences in the healthcare industry around the world.


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