New ASRT Leadership Scholarship Announced

The American Society of Radiologic Technologists has announced a new scholarship award for leadership. Award applications will open September 1, 2022, and close October 31, 2022. This scholarship is endowed by Marilyn Sackett, RT(R), FASRT, President of Advanced Health Education Center, LTD.  

The annual award of up to $5,000 supports expenses associated with leadership education or development. The activities that are selected for funding are Education Management, Administrative Management, or Quality Initiative Management.  

Applicant Type: R.T. pursuing a leadership education of development opportunity including an experiential learning component.  

The activities eligible for funding include (budget submission required): 

  1. Attendance at a local, national, or international meeting. 
  2. Financial assistance to obtain and meet with a leadership mentor. 
  3. Financial assistance to pursue an advanced degree or additional certification. 
  4. A related educational product or course. 

Applicants will define an outcome they wish to achieve and how the funding will help them accomplish the objective. Methodology and timeline of the project will be required. A project of completion will not be more than 3 months from the completion of the approved activity. 

Applicants will recruit a mentor and provide an agreement. Any facility approvals will also be required. 

Applicants will complete a project summary by the deadline with a sign off from the mentor. 

Proposed funding schedule: 

  • 50% reimbursement upon payment of approved activity (receipts required and policy to be formed around allowable expenses for each eligible activity). 
  • Final 50% upon submission of project summary.  

By designing this scholarship, Marilyn called upon senior leadership and many in the ASRT Fellow community to get recommendations for an award that will have meaningful results.  

She envisioned visits between entry level programs to share curriculum ideas and solutions to clinical training scenarios. She also knew that young managers could benefit from their more experienced peers. This scholarship can also be used for formal education as there are robust professional certificate programs available for leadership education, and many universities have added formal degree requirements for this training.  

During the creation of this scholarship, Marilyn commented to Steve Hardy, ASRT COO and EVP of Development and Corporate Relations, “I need help to put my hands and thoughts around this bowl of jello!”  

Over the past 18 months, the “jello” has finally found the mold. The award eligibility can be met by in-person leadership training course or meeting (covers registration and associated travel costs), tuition for a university-based leadership curriculum, completion of a capstone project or thesis project, a new or aspiring medical imaging/radiation therapy program director meeting with an experienced program director, a new manager meeting with an experienced hospital administrator, or virtual leadership training course or meeting.  

Generally, new ASRT Awards have a 3-year maturity period before the Award becomes available. Marilyn did not want to wait for 3 years to begin this important work. Additional funds were secured, and the award application will open in September 2022. Information and applications are available at under the ASRT Foundation tab. 


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