#HoustonStrong – We are back open for business!

Just 3 years ago I was sitting at this computer writing a blog 12 days after the Hurricane Harvey disaster. Now we are in a new disaster of the COVID-19 pandemic.  We are still happy to report that everyone in our AHEC family is safe as far as we know. Every day is a new experience and we, as much as everyone else, face new challenges every day.  While we are physically ok, we are still coping with the psychological changes of how to operate within the new realities. We responded to the educational challenges by moving all coursework online or through virtual webinars. We instituted “crisis prices” for the entire continuing education library and daily broadcasts. We ramped up recruiting for the staffing division to supply screeners and personnel for the operation of the virus testing centers.  We changed all our operating procedures to include the CDC guidelines.  We increased communication with all our employees and clients reporting new updates. We searched the world over to increase our supplies of PPE.


Now Texas has re-opened and we are accepting registrations to our “hands-on” classes. Most clinical facilities have not opened their doors to family, friends, or students so there are limitations. However, we are scheduling private tutorials and lowered enrollment “in person” training in ultrasound. Those that were deferred for future coursework will now be able to return. We have adapted CDC guidelines for volunteer patients and participants as followed.


COVID-19 Protocol at AHEC

Students & Volunteer Patients

  • Temperature will be taken upon arrival and based on CDC guidelines, anyone with a temperature of 100.2 or higher will not be allowed entrance to classrooms or scan labs.
  • Students/Models/Instructors must always wear face coverings
  • Frequent hand-washing is strongly encouraged, and hand sanitizer is provided throughout AHEC
  • Volunteers are not allowed to bring family/friends/children.
  • Strictly observe social distancing practices throughout the building

Classrooms & Ultrasound Scan Lab

  • Social distancing in the classroom with a minimum of 6 feet between each student
  • Limiting the class sizes
  • Disinfecting the classroom at the end of each day
  • Disinfecting the restrooms every hour
  • Instructors/Students always wear face coverings and gloves while in the scan lab
  • Instructors will sanitize machines and probes between each volunteer patient
  • Bed linens will be changed between each volunteer and linens and gowns will be disinfected/washed appropriately by AHEC staff


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