ARRT Announced Computed Tomography Exam Cut Score to change July1, 2021

Effective July 1, 2021 the ARRT will be begin using a new cut score for the CT exam. The scaled score will continue to be reported as a minimum of 75, however the minimum number of correct items is increasing by one.  This change is a result of new performance expectations for entry-level CT technologist.

The current cut score was set in 1995 but much has changed since then with types of CT exams, skills and knowledge of the technologist, as well safety standards for CT procedures.

Explanation below from the ARRT announcement.


To determine an appropriate cut score, our CT Standard Setting Advisory Committee members reviewed each question from a representative version of the exam. Individually, they rated the likelihood that candidates at or just above the passing threshold would answer each question correctly. That process required multiple rounds of ratings and incorporated in-depth discussions with other committee members. The goal was to determine what level of exam performance would demonstrate sufficient knowledge and skills for a candidate to be certified and registered as an entry-level CT technologist.

The advisory committee ultimately submitted its recommendations for the cut score to ARRT’s Board of Trustees. The Board reviewed all information from the standard setting study and the committee recommendation before adopting a revised cut score.


The standard-setting process helps to ensure that our exam appropriately measures who should and should not become certified and registered in CT. We anticipate that the new cut score and our new performance expectations may lead to a slight decrease in the percentage of candidates who pass the CT exam.

AHEC offers a CT Prep and Exam Review that is 16 hours of structured education course that provides technologist a comprehensive overview of the concepts and principles of Computed Tomography. The CT Prep and Exam Review topics include the content areas as outlined in the ARRT content specifications for the Post Primary CT exam. Our next class offering is offered as an online webinar and will be held July 31-Aug 1, 2021.


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