The Highlights of 2022 in Imaging Continuing Education

2022 was a year of constant change between pandemic restrictions easing and inflation hitting a record high, but AHEC continued to offer quality continuing education at the same economical prices. As staffing shortages increased and accreditation requirements changed, we kept everybody informed and updated with any new changes through our blog.  

As always, AHEC offers continuing education through our webinars, ultrasound classes, and on-demand classes. This year, AHEC had students from all over the world! Most students were from the United States, but we had students from Canada, New Zealand, South Korea, the UAE, Belgium, and Saudi Arabia. While we offered 629 webinars and awarded10,000 hours of CE for the entire year, our most popular webinar class was our 2022 Annual Spring Mammography Mini Conference.  

AHEC knows that people like to get their continuing education in a variety of ways. Whether you like to take shorter classes and spread them throughout your biennium or knock out all 24 credits in a month, we have classes available! Our most popular 3 credit course this year was Neuroimaging of the Psychopathic Brain, and our most popular knock out class, which are classes above 5 credits, was The Technologists Toolbox 2.0

Popular AHEC Classes 

Ever since the Texas Medical Board required Human Trafficking Prevention credits, we have provided our webinar for all healthcare personnel, such as physicians, nurses, technologists, massage therapists, optometrists, and others. As such, our Human Trafficking Prevention for Healthcare Personnel course has been one of our most popular classes. This year, we 25%attend an HTP webinar while 75% of health professionals opted to take the course as a homestudy or on-demand class. 

AHEC has over 80 regularly broadcasted webinar classes throughout the year. Our top 10 most popular webinars* this year are:  

  1. Human Trafficking Prevention for Healthcare Personnel 
  1. OverExposed: A Biologic Look at Radiation 
  1. Neuroimaging of the Psychopathic Brain 
  1. Dissecting Forensic Radiology 
  1. Exploring Spinal Trauma 
  1. Chest and Skeletal Pathology 
  1. Technologist’s Toolbox 2.0 
  1. Law and Order: Best Practices for the R 
  1. Protecting our Pediatric Population 
  1. 2022 Annual Spring Mammography Mini Conference 

*We do not offer these classes every month. To stay updated with our upcoming webinar classes, follow us on social media and join our newsletter. We may also discontinue a webinar class as we review and update content, so the links may be inactive in the future. For our current and updated webinar broadcast schedule, visit 

Skills training in 2022 was incredibly a favorite. AHEC sponsored 77 live ultrasound training opportunities. Most were sponsored in our Houston training center, but we went “on the road” to other hospital facilities and physician clinic facilities. We also hosted 13 physicians with customized private tutorials to meet their individual practice needs. 

Training extended to an EMS service covering a large Gulf Coast County. Paramedics and EMTs learned to scan patients for acute and life-threatening emergencies prior to transport. 

Health professionals attended ultrasound skills training designed for vascular access, abdomen, OB/GYN, echocardiography, emergency medicine, and vascular scanning. Training includes classroom and laboratory “hands on”. 

Mammography initial training has expanded as the pandemic slowed and clinical sites for individuals were available again. The shortage of mammography technologists has inspired many facilities to offer cross-training to their staff to acquire a new modality. For 2 years, the pandemic kept AHEC from offering Option 2 to individuals who wanted to upskill into mammography as clinical sites closed their doors to training. In 2022, AHEC took a limited number of technologists and provided clinical education. 

Mammography consulting was an active division in 2022 as credentialing and accreditation bodies began active inspections reviewing the procedures done during the pandemic period. Many facilities took a proactive program to renew and refresh positioning training. 

New in 2023 

In 2022, AHEC introduced a variety of new courses. Bundles were introduced, allowing you to take four 2-credit courses at a discounted price. We also added our new classes, such as Nuclear Cardiology Overview for Physicians, and the 1st Annual Breast Imaging Conference. Thanks to pandemic restrictions easing, limited sites for training will be available 2023. 

What’s coming for 2023? For starters, we will be offering our Leadership Academy as an On-Demand course. If you want to build more leadership skills, make sure to register for this course! This class is designed for everybody, whether you’re a healthcare professional interested in a leadership role or an experienced manager. These modules will provide you with leadership skills and practical tools you can immediately put into practice. 

Additionally, we have partnered with 3 prestigious healthcare systems in Houston to offer mammography clinical fellowships. Another new thing AHEC is offering in 2023 is double ultrasound classes.  Want to learn abdominal ultrasound and OBGYN ultrasound? Now you can! We also added ultrasound classes for renal, hepato-biliary, and breast ultrasound. To see all our ultrasound classes, visit our store. 

Here’s to the New Year! 

AHEC is proud to be a continuing education provider for so many healthcare professionals from different parts of the world and different parts of their career. Whether you need CE credits for your biennium, classes to advance your career, initial training, or ultrasound classes, AHEC is here to provide premium education at economical prices. We will continue to upgrade our content to make sure you have the newest information, and we will keep everyone updated with industry news through our newsletters, blog, and social media. As 2022 comes to an end, we hope everyone has a great holiday and an even better 2023.  


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