News Flash for Radiologic Technologists!

Big Changes are Big News Keeping you updated on the latest changes that affect the way you maintain your license and credentials: Homestudy  Changes The required number of test questions per CE credit for homestudies has been reduced . You will find AHEC has already and is implementing these changes. (This is great) You may now take the same CE homestudy over again in a … Continue reading News Flash for Radiologic Technologists!

Starwars, Wearable Technology, and Virtual Healthcare

There’s no denying that wearable technology has become a hot arena for innovators. All types of applications are developing with a diversity that is astounding. The range of people utilizing the technology may vary from marathon runners to sailors to rhino conservationists or firefighters, exploring new ways of dynamically accessing data in real-time through Google Glass, smartphones, smart watches, and other devices. As part of … Continue reading Starwars, Wearable Technology, and Virtual Healthcare

Transgender Identity Crisis: Theirs or OURS?

The year 2015 was a banner year for advances in transgender visibility. Caitlyn Jenner came out as a woman starring on the cover of the magazine Vanity Fair. TLC premiered a reality show based on following 14 year old Jazz in her daily life as a Florida trans teen. Amazon won a Golden Globe for Transparent a show about the metamorphous of an AARP-card-carrying father … Continue reading Transgender Identity Crisis: Theirs or OURS?

Uberizing Healthcare: Bringing Back the House Call?

This new term, “uberizing” or “uberization”, has many different meanings. As I see the term used in articles, blogs, and ads it seems to have different interpretations. But, specifically, it should mean on-demand at-home care delivery. Will this bring back the house call? Those of us familiar with the Uber principle of transportation find that it has many advantages over the utilization of a rent … Continue reading Uberizing Healthcare: Bringing Back the House Call?

Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns-2015

The top ten safety concerns of 2015 as identified by ECRI and confirmed by others make those in healthcare ponder where we are at risk. Review the list to see where your service could be at risk. These patient safety concerns also include the 2016 technology hazards in healthcare. Read them carefully! Inadequate cleaning of flexible endoscopes Missed alarms Failure to effectively monitor postoperative patients and opioids Depression … Continue reading Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns-2015

Is It Apathy or Is It Ignorance?

One of my favorite late night shows was Jay Leno and his segments on “Jaywalking” This segment had Jay going to a public park or boardwalk and interviewing people with common questions. The questions were generally current events, current politics, or some common knowledge such as the capital of a state, or my favorite Question: “Why did women burn their bras in the ‘60”s (meaning … Continue reading Is It Apathy or Is It Ignorance?

The “Right-To-Try” Before I Die

“Jimmy Clark figures he has only so much time left, maybe five years in a best-case scenario, less than two if things go south quick. He’s trying to stay positive, knocking things off his bucket list, but he knows the deterioration that comes with ALS portends a gradual loss of the ability to speak, move, eat, and breathe. Clark, a 59-year-old Texarkana retailer, wants to … Continue reading The “Right-To-Try” Before I Die

Radiation Protection and Politics

A petition to reinstate the required administrative rule from the Texas Department of State Health Services, Bureau of Radiation Control is gaining momentum. This administrative rule was published and went through the regular ruled making process in 2012-2013. A similar rule has been implemented in California, Alaska, Colorado, Massachusetts, and Oregon. A recommendation to the nation for implementation of similar rules in every state is … Continue reading Radiation Protection and Politics