Is It Apathy or Is It Ignorance?

One of my favorite late night shows was Jay Leno and his segments on “Jaywalking” This segment had Jay going to a public park or boardwalk and interviewing people with common questions. The questions were generally current events, current politics, or some common knowledge such as the capital of a state, or my favorite Question: “Why did women burn their bras in the ‘60”s (meaning … Continue reading Is It Apathy or Is It Ignorance?

Are We Sinking Ourselves in Medical Debt?

Several of my friends, independently, have told me their stories about their experiences with Obamacare. All the stories are similar in many ways and entail recounting of large deductibles and small coverage. The news media has recounted different stories, each with a different problem, but basically all with the same theme. My favorite of the most recent ones in my realm is of a wife … Continue reading Are We Sinking Ourselves in Medical Debt?

HealthGrades Report to the Nation for 2014

I received my notice that the HealthGrades Report on hospital quality outcomes for 2014 was online.  If you are not well versed in the HealthGrades ratings, it may come as a shock that your hospital is not as good as you think it is.  Their hospital rating reports for specific procedures and diagnoses are compiled primarily from Medicare claim data, and it includes all hospitals … Continue reading HealthGrades Report to the Nation for 2014

Marijuana Laws Collide

The media is finally addressing one of the most important and interesting societal changes happening in our country today.  When we are not reading about the violence our society has encountered, the whole world is changing its mind about marijuana. Just last month Dr Sanjay Gupta, medical expert for CNN, broadcast his special about “Why I Changed My Mind on Weed”. Conservative Senator John McCain … Continue reading Marijuana Laws Collide