Top 10 Patient Safety Concerns-2015

The top ten safety concerns of 2015 as identified by ECRI and confirmed by others make those in healthcare ponder where we are at risk. Review the list to see where your service could be at risk. These patient safety concerns also include the 2016 technology hazards in healthcare. Read them carefully!

  1. Inadequate cleaning of flexible endoscopes
  2. Missed alarms
  3. Failure to effectively monitor postoperative patients and opioids
  4. Depression leading to brain injury and death
  5. Inadequate surveillance of monitored patients
  6. Insufficient training of clinicians on operating room technologies
  7. HIT configurations and facility workflow conflicts
  8. Unsafe injection practices
  9. Gamma camera mechanical failures
  10. Failure to appropriately operate intensive care ventilators
  11. Misuse of USB Ports

Definitely, many of these hazards are present each and every patient day.

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