Dedicated Breast CT: New Technology

One of the primary barriers to women scheduling mammograms is the discomfort – or the fear of the discomfort – from the compression required to remove overlapping tissue for a diagnostic image. Many solutions have been explored to reduce the discomfort or pain in the procedure, including allowing the patient to control the amount of compression used for imaging. In many facilities, this option is … Continue reading Dedicated Breast CT: New Technology

3 Worst Things To Do When Applying for a Job

As credentialing specialists at MEDRelief Staffing, we see every applicant who comes through looking for a job. Most days, we are swamped with multiple applications at a time, and there are rare occasions where we have reached out to everyone by the end of the day. After doing this job for over a year, it still surprises me when a candidate does not finish the … Continue reading 3 Worst Things To Do When Applying for a Job

The Raddest Women in Radiology

March winds bring forth a month of remembering and celebrating women and their achievements and contributions to history and society. Women have been pivotal in every aspect of society, including radiology. Without the contributions of well-known scientists and radiologists, such as Marie Curie, modern medicine would not be at the level it is currently. In honor of Women’s History Month, we want to highlight prominent … Continue reading The Raddest Women in Radiology

Top 3 Medical Inventions Born from Love

Without new advancements in technology or new inventions, society would experience a multitude of issues stemming from illnesses, inconvenience, and ignorance. New technology and ideas from inventors can improve our standard of living, and the medical field has seen its fair share of groundbreaking inventions. However, do you know how some of the inventions came to be?  As Sarah Ruhl once said, “The difference between … Continue reading Top 3 Medical Inventions Born from Love

‘Tis the Season…For Injuries

What do you imagine when you think of the winter holidays? Most people imagine good cheer, spending time with loved ones, and holiday traditions. However, as people gather to feast and celebrate together, the risk of ending the holidays in the hospital also increases. Amidst the holiday cheer lurks the risk of holiday injuries. In 2013, the CPSC Acting Chairman estimated that there were 250 … Continue reading ‘Tis the Season…For Injuries

The Impact of Deep Learning AI on Mammography

A new study by Dr. Shepherd and colleagues has recently shown that deep learning, a type of artificial intelligence, has a higher precision rate of detecting cancer risks in mammograms compared to conventional methods. Screening mammograms can detect early signs of breast cancer, which improves the chances of surviving for the patient, but screening mammograms usually miss about 20% of breast cancers. On the flip side, a false-negative result means a delay in crucial treatment, … Continue reading The Impact of Deep Learning AI on Mammography