How Do Continuing Education Units (CEUs) Affect Your Nursing Career? 

Before you can renew your license, the state you live in may require you to get a set amount of continuing education credits. Different states require different amounts of CEUs to be completed, and they have different time frames for completion, so make sure you are aware of your state’s licensure rules. Some states may require you to get CEUs on a specific topic. For instance, the Texas Medical Board requires all healthcare professionals to have human trafficking prevention training.  

Continuing education helps you stay on top of new medical technology, trends, and guidelines. Attending CE courses also gives you the opportunity to brush up on the basics. While it may seem like a chore, continuing education can positively impact your career. 

Professional Growth 

Continuing education allows you to increase your knowledge of your field and gain new information in other areas relevant to your career. As medicine and technology advances, so should you. Learning new concepts can also provide a boost in your career and allow you upward mobility. You can take classes that improve your soft skills as well, making you better equipped to become a leader at your facility. 

Better Patient Care 

Staying updated on current healthcare trends and technology allows you to provide better care for your patients. Having knowledge of new medicine and protocols means you can provide your patients with modern treatment that might not have been available before.  

Re-Ignite Your Passion 

Nursing is a rewarding profession, however there is a high probability of burnout.    Earning CEUs might seem like a chore, but these classes can help rediscover your passion and love for healthcare. Choosing classes that interest you or teach you about new topics can reenergize you and give you a new perspective. 

Need CEUs? 

If you’re in need of some CEUs, AHEC has live webinars and live events for you! From forensic radiology to ultrasound courses, you’ll be sure to find a class you like! As a bonus, every MEDRelief employee gets staffing credits that they can use to get free CEUs from AHEC. Check out our current Hot Jobs and send an email to if you’re interested in applying. 


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