Emergency Medicine/ Point of Care Ultrasound Class Testimonial

After being around for over 30 years, AHEC has had the good fortune of having students from all over the country and the world attend our ultrasound classes. Taught by accomplished and experienced instructors, all our ultrasound classes start off with a lecture and end with hands-on scanning with live models under the tutelage of experts. 

We have ultrasound classes for a variety of topics. Just recently, we added new ultrasound courses for renal ultrasound, hepatobiliary ultrasound with doppler, breast ultrasound, and primary care/abdominal ultrasound among others. All of these classes are taught by instructors who are experts in their fields. 

When it comes to students from other states and countries, what makes them decide to choose AHEC out of other places? For Scott from New Zealand, the good reviews and the location caught his attention. Similarly, other students echoed the same sentiments. “We wanted to come to Houston, and there were good reviews about you,” Yousif, another student, told us.  

Other students choose AHEC due to the types of classes we offer. AHEC offers classes for OB/GYN ultrasound, abdominal ultrasound, vascular ultrasound, and much more. Physicians, technologists, and others in the imaging industry can find a class suited for them and their career. “I needed to take an ultrasound course in order to get credentialed and a hospital. This seemed to work with my schedule best…and it was something ER specific.” 

All four students took the Emergency Medicine/ Point of Care Ultrasound course in October, which is taught by Shawn Shanmuganathan BS, RDMS, RVT. The two-day course content is based on ACEP guidelines for the performance of Emergency Medicine Ultrasound. When asked about the course and the instructor, Scott said, “Shawn’s got a remarkable breadth of knowledge. You get things out of the didactic lectures, but there’s just lots of little things you pick up from someone with so much experience.” 

“Shawn’s very knowledgeable. It’s nice to have somebody that’s seen so much. It can give us the finer points when it comes to the actual clinical scanning part. He’s very personable and super nice as well. It’s very refreshing,” Eric added. 

For Abed and Yousif, who are from the same facility, the 2-day course was not enough. “We learned a lot. [Shawn’s] very patient and went over everything one by one in detail, but I think we should have done a 5-day course instead of 2-days,” Yousif said.  

Shawn teaching ultrasound class to students

Despite only being two days, all of the students enjoyed the course and all of the information and knowledge Shawn imparted. When it comes to their favorite part of the class, however, everybody had the same answer. “My favorite moment was the hands-on scanning in the lab and learning alternative techniques to look at the things, which I sometimes struggle with. It just gives you more strings to your bow,” said Scott. 

No matter where the students came from, we are very grateful they chose AHEC for their ultrasound training. AHEC strives to provide quality imaging education to healthcare professionals through all of our classes, whether they are live webinars, live events, or ultrasound classes. If you’re looking for an ultrasound course to improve your skills or learn about a new modality, check out our website. You can also register for a private ultrasound by contacting kreddix@aheconline.com. 


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