Defuse Crisis Situations with CPI Training (Nonviolent Crisis Intervention)

Are you giving your staff the tools to tame the lion? Put out the fire? Protect themselves and the patients?

“We want to believe human violence is somehow beyond our understanding, because as long as it remains a mystery, we have no duty to avoid it, explore it, or anticipate it.”

The Gift of Fear by Gavin Becker

Many healthcare organizations are requiring employees to train in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention..  It is definitely a relevant topic and concern as healthcare is being described as the most dangerous job in America. Statistics and testimonials from organizations who have implemented the training are impressive and demonstrate benefits far beyond meeting any requirements.  Facilities are reporting significant declines in the number of reported incidents of patient restraint and seclusion, situations requiring personnel to involve hospital security, and worker compensation claims for injuries sustained by healthcare providers. One facility’s security department implementing training reduced physical restraints for disruptive patients during a three year period from 76 to 5 incidents. They recorded no workers compensation claims during this period.  Administration noted the success within their department and began providing the training to all 700 staff members.

AHEC first began offering Non Violent Crisis Intervention Training to our clinical MEDRelief Staffing employees.  It quickly became apparent we were not the only agency concerned as the request for training increased.  The training is now open to non-employees and is scheduled quarterly. It is available on request for groups. The training provides practical skills and strategies to satisfy and manage disruptive or difficult behavior while balancing the responsibilities of care. It is provided by certified instructors who utilize interactive scenarios that engage participants in role playing. The interactive format addresses many familiar challenging situations and teaches multiple skills for reacting positively.  The scenario based training is receiving excellent reviews.  Attendees describe the interactive format and use of role playing as the most beneficial part of the training because of the relevance to actual clinical practice.

AHEC will sponsor courses on September 9 and October 14. Call 800-239-1361 to register of register from the website. It is approved for CME for physicians, nurses, radiographers and social workers. Tuition fee is $250. Group events can be scheduled by calling and asking for Lisa.

** Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI) is an international organization that delivers training and certification programs in this field.  Faculty providing Nonviolent Crisis Intervention training are qualified through CPI and participants receive a card documenting the successful completion of the training.

Visit for more information about the course and to register.


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