AHEC Makes House Calls to Meet Specialty Requests

One of the unique features of Advanced Health Education Center (AHEC) is they never say “Never”. If there is a special educational request, they will find the experts that can deliver the training in a multitude of different formats.

AHEC can and will work with physicians to do the following:

  • Bring the specialty training to your location
  • Find a convenient time when a private tutorial can be delivered
  • Customize coursework to fill the practice need
  • Identify and search for the correct expert for the training

In 2016, AHEC conjointly sponsored multiple live events for Category 1 physician credit through their current ACCME accreditation status. They partnered with Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Vascular Access Centers, Memorial Hermann Children’s Hospital, Memorial Hermann Hospital, Texas Medical Center, and Charlotte Radiology Associates.

In addition, there were 25 “house call classes” designed and delivered according to the client specifications for:

  • skills enhancement,
  • new procedures,
  • accreditation issues,
  • rescue from inspectors.

A real time, “hands-on” component was a vital part of ninety percent of the coursework.  A new vascular interventional course was designed and delivered in California to train staff for the Kaiser facilities.  In addition to these specialty courses, AHEC hosted, produced and delivered 6 weeks of training for inspectors at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and state radiation control staff.

AHEC’s CEO is very familiar with the lack of time emergency physicians experience and the crazy schedules they keep. “If we can provide training to a physician and meet his time schedule, we will do one-off classes to give them what they need. This is part of our mission. Our goal is to have an ultrasound exam available to every patient who needs an expedited diagnosis. We designed our Scan with the Experts training to accomplish this goal.” AHEC has increased their 2017 emergency ultrasound class days to accommodate more physicians. “ House Calls are not a novelty here.

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