Advanced Health Education Center Sponsors March Class for NRC

Spring brings a special type of guest to AHEC for training. Inspectors/reviewers for medical uses of radioactive materials will come to the Houston Center for one to two weeks of specialized training to assist them in understanding the medical procedures involved with radioactive materials.

nrc-logo2The first training sessions are scheduled March 6 – 10 and 13 – 17. The training is done through contract with the NRC and is not open to outside participants.  The educational curriculum for these training events was a combined effort between experts from AHEC and the NRC.  The training is conducted through lecture, laboratory, on-site clinical demonstrations and interactive case studies.  A highly qualified group of physicists, physicians, and radiologic technologists share their knowledge and answer questions.  The training is highly recommended by the students who are selected to attend. In addition to NRC personnel there are inspector staff from many NRC Agreement states who also attend.

AHEC has been the provider of this training since 1996 undergoing rigorous re-approval every 5 years.  The training has an extensive training manual with matching teaching materials developed by AHEC under a separate contract. The training coordinator for the event who gets the students and the faculty everywhere they are supposed to be and “on time” is Kelli Reddix, MBA, BAAS, LVN.  She often has to “pull a rabbit out of a hat” when the weather, the traffic, and the staff get compromised. So, hats off to Kelli, and a big Houston Texan welcome to our guests.  They may get to see some bull riding as that is time for the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.


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