The 3 P’s of Human Trafficking for Healthcare Professionals

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Defined by the United Nations, human trafficking is “the recruitment, transport, transfer, harboring, or receipt of persons, by means of the threat or use of force or other forms of coercion, of abduction, of fraud, of deception, of the abuse of power or of a position of vulnerability or of the giving or receiving of payments or benefits to … Continue reading The 3 P’s of Human Trafficking for Healthcare Professionals

Non-Profit Does Not Mean Ethical 

In Mid-December, the New York Times published an article entitled “How a Sprawling Hospital Chain Ignited Its Own Staffing Crisis”. This piece  discusses the last few years in healthcare as more hospitals became driven by business. Instead of striving to become successful to extend better healthcare to their patients, these hospitals are operating with the intent to drive up executive bonuses and/or their stock price … Continue reading Non-Profit Does Not Mean Ethical 

Have You Read Our Blog?

Have You Read Our Blog? AHEC Provides Important Information! AHEC provides current information to our readers about many topics such as advancement in your career, updates in industry trends, changing protocols, and regulatory information. We have responded to new information and aim to inform our readers of the many changes we find happening in healthcare.  Our blog started midyear in 2013, and in the 9 … Continue reading Have You Read Our Blog?

3 Career Advancements in Radiology

Becoming a radiology technologist requires at least two years of higher education, but after getting that degree, you still have many opportunities to advance your career. Some rad techs choose to specialize in a specific modality, some become instructors, and some go into management positions. What should you do if you’re looking career advancements in radiology?  Become an Instructor  If you enjoy sharing your knowledge … Continue reading 3 Career Advancements in Radiology

The Highlights of 2022 in Imaging Continuing Education

2022 was a year of constant change between pandemic restrictions easing and inflation hitting a record high, but AHEC continued to offer quality continuing education at the same economical prices. As staffing shortages increased and accreditation requirements changed, we kept everybody informed and updated with any new changes through our blog.   As always, AHEC offers continuing education through our webinars, ultrasound classes, and on-demand … Continue reading The Highlights of 2022 in Imaging Continuing Education

Being Empathetic on Social Media

About 80% of people in the United States use social media, and healthcare professionals are also included in that group. Recently, many people have been fired or suspended due to the content they post on social media. For instance, labor and delivery nurses from Emory were fired due to a TikTok about patient “icks” (something that prompts disgust or is a turn-off) they posted. While … Continue reading Being Empathetic on Social Media

ASRT Launches New Patient Shielding Task Force Webpage 

I have written several blogs about the current shielding practice errors over the last two years as the shielding debate has led to multiple erroneous new shielding policies… or I should say the lack of new shielding policies.   I have seen and heard multiple stories that facilities are removing shielding for all procedures and are telling students and technologists that shielding is no longer necessary. … Continue reading ASRT Launches New Patient Shielding Task Force Webpage 

National Handwashing Awareness Week

Did you know it’s National Handwashing Awareness Week? While it’s a simple action, hand-washing is a great way to prevent diseases such as COVID-19. Hand hygiene was a revolutionary discovery that saved many lives and made a huge impact on healthcare.  Ignaz Semmelweis is known to be the father of hand hygiene, but despite the proof shown that handwashing helped prevent infections, handwashing was not … Continue reading National Handwashing Awareness Week

Racial Disparities in Healthcare

Although we are in 2022, racial disparities in healthcare still exist, and it can have an impact on medical diagnosis for minority groups as well. Racial bias, racial profiling, negligence, and much more can impact minority groups and lead to inferior medical treatment as well as a decrease in trust in healthcare. What can be done to combat this, and why are we still seeing … Continue reading Racial Disparities in Healthcare

Catch all Healthcare News with AHEC’s Blog

Have you read our blog? AHEC’s online blog is great for healthcare professionals who want to advance their careers, stay updated with new industry trends, or keep up with the ever-changing protocols in imaging. For instance, when human trafficking prevention became a requirement, many healthcare personnel learned about the change due to our article. Since its creation in 2013, the AHEC blog has consistently published … Continue reading Catch all Healthcare News with AHEC’s Blog