Welcome to RSNA 2019: See Possibilities – Together

Last week was busy and cold as AHEC representatives joined thousands of attendees from around the world in Chicago at RSNA-the 105th Scientific Assembly and annual meeting.  As usual it was a challenge to get up from our Thanksgiving dinners and board a plane to Chicago but as so many people have done before, we soldiered on!  This year was filled with new information about Artificial Intelligence in Radiology and the new technology that is already available or will be shortly.

To put it into perspective just how large this meeting is, our humble 4 joined 50,000 attendees and 700 vendors!  With 400 educational courses and 3 huge exhibit halls to conquer we were up for the challenge.

It is always exciting to learn about the newest technology developments and innovative emerging trends that are helping improve the overall healthcare experience.  As a seasoned attendee, I don’t think I remember a year where there were so many new inventions, many that are not yet approved, for sale in the United States.  I will highlight just a few that grabbed my attention and try to open the window to what may become our future.

Point of Care MRI

Anytime, Anywhere MRI -a unit that the hardware cost is dramatically reduced by the use of computers and deep learning advanced allowing the acquisition of images at lower magnetic fields and the ability to view the images on an iPad or on your phone. The system weighs 1,400 lbs and the field strength is 64mT.

The Hyperfine Portable POC MRI Device is 510(k) pending and is currently not available for sale in the US. Just plug it in and it is ready.

HiRise Curve Beam CT

Introducing the next level of weight bearing CT Imaging which has the unique capability of scanning the hip and pelvis in weight bearing positions. This allows assessment of the alignment of the total lower extremity in three dimensions. It is flexible for performing scans of both upper and lower extremities.

Curve beam CT knees                              Curve beam CT ankles

Marilyn Sackett, MEd, RT (R), FASRT demos
HiRise Curve Beam CT, RSNA 2019, Chicago

Pocket Ultrasound at Butterfly

One transducer that delivers a 2D array of 9000 micro-machined sensors emulating any type of transducer- linear, curved or phased. You’ll never need multiple probes again. It connects to your phone and you scan, share, connect plus organize and search. It allows work flow mobile or from a desktop. And the best part….it provides whole body imaging starting under $2,000.

This is just a short sampling of new and innovative technologies available in the radiology marketplace that were presented at RSNA. With more than 700 vendors to show their new technologies, it was overwhelming to accomplish in a few short days. Our advice for individuals looking to attend RSNA in 2020, your agenda or plan of attack must be very targeted if you intend to see technology and attending continuing medical education sessions!  Stay tuned our upcoming blogs featuring additional innovative technology.


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