New Rules and Changes for Texas Medical Board’s Renewal and CE Reporting for Medical Radiologic Technologists – 2019

New Rules for the Texas Medical Board Renewals

TMB’s rules for renewal and continuing education for radiologic technologists have changed.  Frequent updates are necessary, as changes are not sent to you.  As of December 1, 2018, the following explains the most misunderstood parts of the rules:

TMB renewals are based on the year you were initially licensed and then biannual after that.  Your renewal date is either in February or August depending on your birth month.  Some technologists renew in even years and some in odd years, depending on when you were first licensed.

Birth month Expires last day of: (biannually)
September February
October February
November February
December February
January February
February February
March August
April August
May August
June August
July August
August August

Example:  My birth month is May, so my Texas license expires in August.  My license expires biannually in odd years, so August of 2019 is my next renewal.  I will pay a fee and check the box that I completed my CE by the last day of the month of August 2019.  Someone else born in May could have a renewal date in even years, dependent on their first licensure date.

Continuing Education is due biannually.  CE must be completed by the last day of your renewal month.  In the example above, my CE must be completed by August 31, 2019.  The TMB does random auditing.  TMB may audit any TMB licensed radiologic technologist for up to two years after they renew or apply.  If you are audited, you will be required to submit proof of attendance (certificates, etc.) to the TMB for at least 24 hours of CE you took during that biennium.  The certificates/etc. will be verified to see that they comply with the CE requirements.

General Radiologic Technologists are required to have 24 CE credits biannually by the TMB.  At least half of the credits obtained must be directly related to ionizing radiation in medical imaging.  So ultrasound, MRI, or classes on how to manage subordinates don’t apply.  If you don’t understand what qualifies as directly related to ionizing radiation procedures, see the TMB website at  Limited Radiologic Technologists are required to obtain 18 CE credits biannually.

What’s new? Your CE can be live events, webinars, simulcasts, home studies, or any other course that meets the requirements.  None of your CE is required to be home study.  The TMB removed the requirement that 3 hours of CE have to be live.  You get to choose the method that is best for you as long as the course is approved by a recognized continuing education method or meets one of the other acceptable rules listed on TMB’s website above.  It can be all one format or a combination of formats.

What’s confusing?  ARRT requirements are not the same as TMB.  The CE hours are the same (24 biannually), but the requirements for acceptable CE are not identical.

TMB renews biannually. TMB requires at least 12 of the 24 CE credits to be formal courses that are Category A or A+ designated by a Recognized Continuing Education Evaluation Mechanism (RCEEM), such as AHRA, ASRT, or SDMS.  TMB allows CPR, BCLS, and ACLS up to 3 CE credit hours per biennium. CE must be completed by the last day of the renewal month (February or August).

ARRT renews annually, but the CE for ARRT is biannual and based on your birth month.  You may have ARRT CE due one year and TMB the next.  The ARRT requires the CE to be completed by the month before your birth month on your biennial schedule.

Example:  My birth month is May, so my CE must be completed by April 30 of my biennium which is in even years.  I must log in and renew and report the CE by the end of May on even years.  On odd years, I still have to renew, but I am not required to report CE.

ACLS or PALS no longer qualifies for ARRT CE as of January 1, 2015.  ARRT recognizes category A and A+ designation also, but doesn’t have a minimum number of credits that must meet that requirement. You may review the ARRT CE requirements at

ARRT started Continuous Qualification Requirements (CQR) for all new primary or advanced level registrations obtained after January 1, 2011.  CQR is a completely different program and does not eliminate your CE biennial requirements.

You are 100% responsible for knowing the requirements for your professional licenses and registrations from your state and national certifications.  Review them frequently to keep up with changes.


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