AHEC/MEDRelief Staffing Celebrates 30 Year Milestone

Houston, TX (October 3, 2018 ) – Advanced Health Education Center dba MEDRelief Staffing, the industry leader in professional continuing education, healthcare staffing and industry consulting, today announces the thirtieth anniversary of the company’s founding.

The Beginning (Advanced Health Education Center)

It all started for Advanced Health Education Center, (AHEC) in 1988 when one person from the clinical area, Marilyn Sackett, President and CEO and one person from the business area, Brenda Arnett, got together to found a business that would combine their talents to provide professional education in the most advanced technology in the medical field. Experts were used to design and implement continuing education in the areas of Diagnostic Ultrasound, Mammography, MRI, CT, PET, and digital radiography. This professional education quickly gained an excellent reputation and workshops and seminars found a large client base.

MEDRelief Staffing Gets Started

In 1995, at the request of the educational clients; Advanced Health Education Center implemented a staffing division for allied health professionals. It was named MEDRelief Staffing (MRS). MEDRelief Staffing has an extensive client base here in Houston and other parts of Texas. MRS is also a government contractor and is operating long term staffing contracts in Virginia, Montana and Maryland for the federal government and Indian Health Services. Contracts with the most prestigious medical facilities complete the client list.  MRS also offers personal care services to select clients.

“Advanced Health Education Center is proud of its 30-year record of organic growth and sustained profitability while delivering professional medical education to those who expect more. At the same time we are forward-focused on this next decade and have significant plans to deliver substantial additional value to our clients through innovation and the newest technologies the market has to offer”, said Sackett.

In celebration of embarking on its fourth decade in business, AHEC has plans to strategically maintain their position in the industry as the premier professional education provider, an exceptional staffing addition and unique consulting partner.  AHEC and MRS will continue to push the boundaries of growth and expansion while keeping a clear focus the company’s mission.

AHEC will also be executing several promotional and informational initiatives throughout the month in support of the thirtieth anniversary.

“Advanced Health Education Center and MEDRelief Staffing has undergone tremendous transformations throughout our 30 years in business with the clients as the driving force. Our success can only be attributed to the continued patronage of our loyal customers.  With our customers in mind we want our brand to reflect our presence as customer centric and innovative.” ~ Marilyn Sackett



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