Truth and Consequences — What Would you Do?

Give us your opinion!  Advanced Health Education Center is hard at work preparing new material for the 2018 curriculum.  Your opinion regarding a case that was recently in the headlines could help us in the development of new course content.

What would you have done in this particular situation?

Hospital staff circulated photos of patient’s genital injury, investigation reveals

Two doctors at a Pennsylvania hospital were suspended after a witness claimed a number of hospital staffers formed a “cheerleader type pyramid” to take photos and videos of a patient with a genital injury.  A state investigation revealed the incident occurred in a hospital OR, and involved a patient who required surgery to remove a “foreign body”.  The patient had a genital injury and OR staff had taken photos and video of the patient using their personal cell phones and were showing the photos to other hospital staff.  The incident violated the patient’s privacy and was a clear violation of HIPAA Regulations.

What would you do if you were in the operating room while this incident was occurring?

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