Texas Medical Board Implements CE Changes for MRT’s (4-3-17)

Last month new requirements for Texas Medical Radiologic Technologists (MRT’s) became effective. There are multiple changes from the previous state requirements that were issued by the Department of State Health Services. Among the most significant is the requirement for live, instructor directed CE coursework. The direct/indirect credit remained the same, but since it has long been an area of the regulations for misinterpretation, AHEC will begin designating the types of credit again until we cross several reporting periods.  MRT’s were only one profession where the TMB made changes.  Each profession regulated by the TMB experienced new or different changes in the CME or CE requirements.

AHEC greatly expanded the webinar and simulcast schedules last month and continue to add webinars that are available every day. Simulcasts generally are scheduled on weekends, but some of the registry prep classes or mini conferences may be over a 2 day schedule. There is something for everyone and convenience is the basis for the expansion. Whether you are participating from your desktop or your mobile device, there is something for everyone.

I recommend the use of ancillary speakers for your laptop or desktop and the use of an earbud for your mobile device. I know my laptop is awful when it comes to the sound transmission and every video is different.  We will keep you updated on changes as they happen and hope to see you soon at the webinar.
MRT CE changes Effective 4-3-17 (24 hours CE required)

  • 12 of the 24 hours CE must be instructor directed courses designated Cat A or A+ by an ARRT recognized CE mechanism (RCEEM)
  • No more than 12 hours can be self-study or courses not approved for formal CE
  • A maximum of 48 hours excess CE can be rolled over into the next biennium
  • No more than 12 hours can be related to non-ionizing forms of radiation for medical purposes
  • No more than 12 hours can be indirectly related to radiologic technology
  • Passing an Entry Level or Advanced Level ARRT exam (for ionizing radiation procedures) during the biennium can be counted for 12 of the CE
  • BCLS (CPR course) counts for up to 3 hours CE and ACLS (Advanced CPR) counts for up to 6 hours CE
  • CE courses (not part of your employment) can be counted as 1 hour of CE per hour taught, up to 6 hours CE maximum
  • Developing and publishing a manuscript of at least 1000 words related to radiologic technology with a limit of 6 hours CE
  • Attendance at a tumor conference (6 hours maximum), ins-service and training offered by a Joint Commission accredited or Medicare certified hospital, provided the education is properly documented and is related to the profession of radiologic technology

See this web link for details: http://www.tmb.state.tx.us/page/resources-ce-for-GMRT

LMRT CE changes effective 4-3-17 (18 hours CE required)

LMRT’s have similar changes and a total of 18 CE is required.

See this web link for details: http://www.tmb.state.tx.us/page/resources-ce-for-limited-MRTs

NCT CE changes effective 4-3-17 (12 hours CE required)

NCT’s have similar changes and a total of 12 CE is required.

See this web link for details: http://www.tmb.state.tx.us/page/resources-ce-for-NCT-Registry



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  1. Will the tests from the ASRT no longer be sufficient for both types of CE’s any longer?

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