The Sunset Commission Makes Recommendations Affecting MRTs Again!

At least half of America was caught by surprise with the outcome of the presidential election. Why? Because they relied on the media and other people to tell them what was going on.  This blog is my attempt to keep you posted on what is going with the Sunset Commission that might affect your MRT licensure at the Texas Medical Board.  You may read the whole document and interpret it for yourself at

My summary:

  1. The sunset commission wants to drop the 945 LMRTs in the State of Texas suggesting that it costs too much to run their program, provide the limited exam and all that paperwork, etc., and that these individuals should seek to obtain a General MRT licensure/education.


  1. The report also suggests that all 1,505 active Non Certified Technician registrants be managed only by the TMB, thus moving the chiropractic (128) and podiatry (4) registrants to TMB.


  1. Lastly, it suggests that the newly appointed board members of the MRT Board receive training and information that will allow them to discharge their duties. It suggests a training manual for board members.

There have been suggestions on social media about other issues that are not in the Sunset Report of the TMB.  Perhaps these are more like wish lists of changes some technologists want to see in the future.

Fun fact:  In November 2016, General MRTs are the second largest group managed by TMB at 25,029 licenses!


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