NRC AWARD “Kickoff” Meeting


AHEC and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Training Officer and Contracting Officer had their “kickoff” meeting today for the new award announced last week.  Advanced Health will be presenting up to 8 classes per year for NRC and state radiation control personnel. The purpose of the classes will be to teach the clinical aspects of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Nuclear Medicine and Brachytherapy, Gamma Knife and Emerging Technologies to radiation licensing personnel. AHEC has contracted with an impressive array of experts to participate in the NRC program. Each training program is one week in length and includes lectures, labs, “hands on” demos, tours and final exam testing.

The very first task on the agenda is the revision of the teaching manuals and the audiovisual support materials for the coursework.  Training Office, Jeff Griffis, told AHEC COO Peggy Hoosier that he was eager to get started and there was a backlog of personnel waiting for training spots in the programs. AHEC has targeted the month of June for the first class.


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