Ultrasound probes: Cross Contamination

I am a germaphobe.  Even as a child my earliest memories were coming inside from play and asking permission to take another bath because I had touched something.  Interesting considering I grew up on a farm, helped with the garden, fed animals, and even mowed the lawn.  But there are very few pictures of me with dirt or mud on me because I always wanted … Continue reading Ultrasound probes: Cross Contamination

Are We Too Clean For Our Own Good?

Where did this idea that you could be too clean originate? This idea is based on the “hygiene hypothesis” which suggests that our current cleanliness is bad for your health. The results of a 1989 study by Professor David Strachan said that lack of exposure to childhood germs is responsible for the rise in allergies and asthma.  Nostalgic postings on Facebook about the childhood memories … Continue reading Are We Too Clean For Our Own Good?