How to Become a Registered Mammography Technologist

Breast cancer affects 1 in 8 women, and mammograms are an important part of helping diagnose the disease and help increase the chances of survival. Mammography technologists are vital to taking digital pictures of the breast and detecting lumps or tumors. Is becoming a mammography technologist a goal of yours? 

Prerequisites for Registered Mammography Technologists 

To become a registered mammography technologist, you will need at least 2 years of x-ray school and be licensed as a radiologic technologist. After that, you will need to meet the MQSA and ARRT requirements and pass the ARRT exams. But what are these requirements? 

MQSA Requirements 

Keep in mind that some states have different requirements, but in general, these are the MQSA requirements you will have to meet before becoming a licensed mammographer. You will need to complete 40 hours of initial mammography training and finish 25 mammograms under the supervision of a qualified mammographer. The 40 hours of initial training should include topics such as breast anatomy, breast positioning, and at least 8 hours of training in a specific modality, such as digital breast tomosynthesis.  

AHEC Mammography Initial Training 

AHEC has mammography initial training programs 4 times a year. We have it available as an Option 1 Live Event and a Live Webinar, in which you would need to find a supervising mammographer on your own. We also have limited spots for Option 2 Live Event, where we will provide you with a supervising mammographer and a location to do your 25 scans.  

ARRT Requirements 

After you finish your initial training, you will have to take an exam from ARRT to receive your license. You will need to complete 75 mammograms on your own for the exam. Complete all the tasks on the ARRT Mammography Clinical Experience Requirements and the ARRT Post Primary Eligibility Pathway Handbook before you sit for the exam. Once you complete the application online through the ARRT website, you will take the exam. 

What to do After Your License 

If you finished all those steps and got your license, congratulations! You can now work in the field of mammography. To keep up your license, make sure you get 15 continuing education credits in mammography every three years. This will need to be submitted to ARRT. You will also need to perform at least 200 mammograms every two years, which will be submitted for your department accreditation.  


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