Surgery In the Dirt

In Iraq in 2007 five hundred pounds of explosives detonated beneath Combat Medic Greg Dotson’s Bradley Fighting Vehicle. His unit soldiers, trained by Greg, pulled him and his medic bag from the wreck and began work. While a furious firefight was going on around them, they applied tourniquets high on his shredded legs, slid a breathing tube down his nose and throat and got a … Continue reading Surgery In the Dirt

Welcome to RSNA 2019: See Possibilities – Together

Last week was busy and cold as AHEC representatives joined thousands of attendees from around the world in Chicago at RSNA-the 105th Scientific Assembly and annual meeting.  As usual it was a challenge to get up from our Thanksgiving dinners and board a plane to Chicago but as so many people have done before, we soldiered on!  This year was filled with new information about … Continue reading Welcome to RSNA 2019: See Possibilities – Together