How Prepared Are You for an Active Shooter at Work?

If an Active Shooter Situation can happen in Midland-0dessa, TX, it can happen anywhere!   Midland and Odessa are connected cities and the recent site of random, senseless shooting deaths and injuries by one perpetrator.  The two cities have a population total of 326,730 and approximately 959 hospital beds.  These cities are much like most of America. The nearest level 1 trauma center is 117 miles … Continue reading How Prepared Are You for an Active Shooter at Work?

Bracing for Medicare’s Appropriate Imaging Rule

Acronyms to know: PAMA   Protecting Access to Medicare Act CDSM   Clinical Decision Support Mechanism AUC      Appropriate Use Criteria ACR      American College of Radiology CMS     Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services PAMA is a CMS clinical decision software that processes every CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine and PET order performed.  PAMA assigns criteria for appropriateness for these procedures based on its decision support algorithm.  The analysis will … Continue reading Bracing for Medicare’s Appropriate Imaging Rule

Are You Fluent in Swearing?

Do you think swearing isn’t big or clever?  Think again. A study done by psychologists at Marist College has concluded that the use of swear words is a sign of a better vocabulary.  Being a person that was taught how to swear when I first went to clinical assignments, I am highly interested in this subject.  If someone has accused you of sounding less intelligent … Continue reading Are You Fluent in Swearing?

Robocalls in Healthcare

What happens when you receive over 4,000 automated calls in less than 2 hours? April 30, 2018,9:30am-11:30am, it happened at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, MA Recently, automated phone calls have been increasing in volume for not only the everyday person, but for businesses and they are not showing any signs of slowing down. Who would have ever thought robots would be causing havoc in … Continue reading Robocalls in Healthcare