Breaking News for Technologists!

Breaking News for Technologists! ARRT Changes The ARRT has posted proposed changes to its Rules and Regulations on its website under the tab “ARRT News” and “Your Chance to Comment”. All comments are due June 3, 2016 January 1, 2020 – A primary pathway (ARRT recognized sonography education program) will be your only option to pursue an ARRT sonography certification and registration January 1, 2017, … Continue reading Breaking News for Technologists!

What’s the Truth About Radiation Exposure?

Radiation Exposure is a subject that carries a ton of extra philosophical baggage. To many folks, it is an emotional issue. The public hears two opinions about radiation effects. The first says that all radiation is harmful and should be avoided whatever the cost. This group worries about our population exposure as a whole, and what type of genetic damage our children are receiving. Secondly, … Continue reading What’s the Truth About Radiation Exposure?